The Bear

The Bear

Close to the racing water he lies,
Watching fish with quick, keen eyes,
He lies very still in the grass as he spies.

He lives in walls of stone,
He calls that little cave his home,
He lives there all alone.


Backyard garden

We gave our dog away. So I decided to start a garden. I am going to show you what we are going to do.
We are going to fill in the holes our dog dug.

We are going to tear down this playground and doghouse.

We are going to keep this little box so we can grow herbs.

We are going to uproot these logs and move them so we can change it into a bird garden and study birds.

We are going to plant small Chinese privets in the bird garden.

We are going to put these into the bird garden.

I will keep blogging on this when we start doing these things.

My sister got a blog! Go to it here.

Nan Books

I’m a book writer. I’m making a series called NAN CHAPTER BOOKS I have already finished the first book.

The Porcupine Seed

I call this Marigold seed The Porcupine Seed because it looks like a porcupine’s quill.

Homeschool Garden

I like my plants.

The video says it all.

My plants