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Hi. Sorry that I haven’t been writing, I’ve been on break since thanksgiving, because my mom didn’t want to start school again and then stop it a week or two later.

During Christmas alot of my famliy came down. There was my Grandma and Grandpa,  Aunt Nancy, Uncle Winston, Great Aunt Pam, Great Uncle Walt, my Cousin David his wife and two kids, and that  was just on my mom’s side of the family. On my dad’s side there was my Grandmother, Aunt Dana, and my Uncle Cliff.

I got lots of stuff for Christmas, but I was happier about being able to see my family and play games with them. It’s what I call The Best Christmas Ever!!!!

Today is our first day back in school and I’m so excited. I love school.


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Welcome to The Facts I Know About Animals. Hi. My name is John James Audubon (just kidding).

First off we will go to the Did You Know corner:

  1. Did you know when you see some vultures going in circles it is riding a heat wave, called thermals looking for food?
  2. Did you know that blue jays are not really blue it’s the sun reflecting of their feathers?
  3. Did you know I think Marguerite Henry rocks?

O.K., I know I’m getting off of  the subject.

That is all in the Did You Know corner. Know off to the Here’s The Facts corner.

  1. The Arctic Tern it  is the bird that sees more sun than any other bird. It flies from the north pole to the south pole when it is summer in the south pole. When it is summer in the north pole it flies there.
  2. Some birds migrate a thousand of miles or more.

Well that’s all for today folks. Bye Bye. See you next time.

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My sister got a blog!

My sister got a blog! Go to it here.

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The Porcupine Seed

I call this Marigold seed The Porcupine Seed because it looks like a porcupine’s quill.

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My plants

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I don’t know what to do with my beans I have grown.

My first bean pod, fresh, crisp, and long.

Should I:

  1. Give it away so someone else so can grow some beans.
  2. Grow a new plant.

Please comment if you know what I should do.

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Saturday dinners

Saturday dinners.

On Saturday dinners the children cook.

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