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” Booyah! And John hits it! Yes! Ye ha! Hit it back Jack! Ha, Ha, Ha, get it jack, back,” yells John.” Yes, Ya hoooo…ow.”

“Pay attention, now it’s my turn,” says Jack. “Yes! Na. Na. A. Na. Na. Ha, Haaaaaa… ow”

“Ha, a taste of your own medicine!” yelled John.

“Here you go right back at ya!” screamed Jack.

“Oh, no you won’t!”

“Oh, yes I will!”

“Oh, no!” yelled John

“Oh, yes!”

“Oh, no!”

“Here is three!”

“Uh, guys that’s not how you play volleyball,” Said Tom.

“We know,” said Jack and John.

“Hey, not the volleyball bow,” said John.

“Oh, yeah here is 20 volleyballs!” Jack said.

“Uh, guys,” said Tom. “This is hopeless I’m going inside.”

“Here give me that bow,” said John.

“Oh, no!” said Jack

Yelled John,”Oh, yes you will.Hey, I smell food. I’ll get us some so we can eat outside.”

Inside the house “Oh man, sea casserola

Meanwhile out in the yard Jack is waiting when suddenly a huge ship appears in front of Jack and somebody on it shoots a net gun and captures Jack. John comes out of the house just in time to see Jack being taken away and the person on the ship suddenly says, “I am Zenith the destroyer. “Uh, Oh” said John.

John ran into the house and told Sting, Tom, and Shark what had happened and then Shark said “Well what are we waiting for Jack is in danger. Lets get a move on.Shark said “Ok. John you go with Sting. And I’ll go with Tom. Don’t worry Jack were coming. Ok. Ready. Go guys.”

Meanwhile Jack is struggling to get free and when he did he found out he was inside Zenith the destroyer’s secret hide out! He reached for his comunitcater and pressed a button that sent a signal to Sting, Shark, Tom, and John. Then Zenith the destroyer turned around and said “I was planing to have you and your buddies, but I guess not, any way I can terminate your so to say ‘buddies’ or, maybe keep them prisoners but, I will only spare them if you be my servant, I have bin needing one, and maybe your buddies can be some to. Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha”

“Not with me around!” said a voice.

“Who dares to enter my hideout!” said Zenith the destroyer.

“I do,” said the voice. “I am Sippra.”

A young human girl stepped in to sight, but the weird thing was that she didn’t have an air tank to help her to help her breathe underwater.

Meanwhile Shark and Tom ran into Sting and John and a wall! They decided to cut a hole in it. When they had they saw Zenith, Jack, and a young human girl! They decided to listen and this is what they heard: Sippra said”You may be wondering why I don’t have a air tank, It is because I have the power to live on land and in water. I choose water.

“Hy…yah” She hit him square in the stomach, which made him fly backwards into his back wall letting him escape. “Bye.”

“Wait! Come with us,” yelled Sting, which surprised everyone Because he didn’t like strangers.

“O.K.,” she said popping back down the hole Shark and Tom had made.

She went to her new home and made it just like her old home she had made under water for herself. And the next day she was busy moving stuff from her old home to her new home.


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The Team Up (Chapter 3)

After hard years of fighting his new enemies, Shark decided he had had enough, and so had Sting, so they teamed up.

After they teamed up and defeated the other team and had them in jail, they decided to stay a team.

They called themselves “The League of Super Sea Heroes”!

After many years of rescuing animals, Shark and Sting decided that they needed more animals, so they called all the animals that wanted to help. When the animals got there, they had to write their name on a piece of paper. When they were done with that, Sting would call them in one by one and see if they could join “The League of Super Sea Heroes”.

When that was over, they looked over the animals that joined “The League of Super Sea Heroes”. The animals that had joined were John the crock, Tom the sea turtle, and Jack the under water dog.


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New enemies (Chapter 2)

“You slimy dog!” said Sting.

“I am not a slimy dog! In fact I hardly ever help dogs,” said Shark.

They fought and fought till night, then Shark won. Suddenly these creatures, four of them, appeared: a PM600,a Sambird999, a mother ship, and a crab catcher. These were Sharks new enemies.

At first Shark liked them, but then they attacked him! Shark got cut in the chest. Then PM600 attacked Shark and tore open part of his fins.

I can’t explain the rest because there aren’t many records of the battle. Some fish say Shark caught the Sambird999 in his fins and threw Sam (which is what Shark calls Sambird999 for short) at Shark’s enemies. Some say Shark burned them with his eyes, but I think he did the same thing with them that he had done to Sting in their battle.

Well, whatever Shark did made his new enemies flee.

The four creatures also hurt Sting. That made Sting hate all four of them because of what they did and his short temper.


Go to my brother’s blog to learn his perspective on Shark’s new enemies.

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Shark, a shark pup, is very tired from doing nothing but eating and sleeping. He wants to do something exciting like being a super hero.

“That’s it, I’ll be a super hero” he thinks.

So he decides to find animals in need and help them. He asks his friends to help him, but they think he’s crazy. But that doesn’t stop him; he goes on anyway.

Soon he finds his worst enemy, Sting! Shark finds Sting sleeping under some rocks, but it looks like he’s hurt. Shark pushes the rocks off Sting, and then discovers that Sting is a villain because he finds wires and many computers all over the underside of the rocks. The computers have maps that show where to attack! Shark suddenly flees. Sting swims with all his might chasing Shark, but Shark is so fast that Sting can’t catch up with him.

Later that year Shark, who has become known as “Ocean Hero”, comes upon Sting, who has become known as “Dragon Tail” because of his great use and power of his tail. And then Shark said, “After a long year of searching for you, I finally found you and have you in my fins!”

“Oh, do you? I’m scared! Oh, whatever, I ain’t scared!” said Sting rather mockingly in his country tone of voice that he had learned from his hostages. “Let us battle, you brother of a raccoon,” said Sting rather quickly.

“Let’s get on with it. And by the way, all animals are my brothers!” said Shark very angrily.


Super Shark




My brother made this sea monster and this sea hero, but I came up with the story. If you want, you can leave advice for my story.

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