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Hello Again

     Hello. I am sorry that I haven’t written for, well, a long time. Not much has happened since the last time that I wrote. But I think that I will list it in the order of when it happened.

     August: In August three big things happened . We went to Galveston TX for vacation (my first time at the sea) (see Galveston). Then my brother and my sister had their birthdays

     I don’t know when: I don’t know exactly what month that this happened in but we got more fish and I started writing class (I think that I started writing class before August) (see Writing Class)

    November: NaNoWriMo. National Novel Writing Month. (see the post NaNoWriMo)

    When I started this post: When I started this post I named it Hello Again right off of the top of my head but then I noticed that I had decided to name it that in May.

     Right Now: Finishing Post.


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Nan Books

I’m a book writer. I’m making a series called NAN CHAPTER BOOKS I have already finished the first book.

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