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The Story of Moses 3

Moses didn’t want to be killed for killing a guard so he ran away to Midian. When he got there he stopped by a well and then he saw some shepherds that were trying to make some girls get away from the well so they could have it all for themselves instead of the girl’s sheep. So Moses stood up and made the shepherds go away. Then he drew some water from the well and gave it to the girls.

The girls ran home and told their father what had happened. Then there father said, “Why didn’t you invite him to come. Go get him.”



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God’s Protection 2

The Story of Moses


The princess decided to keep the baby, but there was one problem: she didn’t know how to take care of one. All this time Miriam had been watching and then jumped out of the brush and said, “I know someone who can watch that baby for you.”

Then the princess said, “Okay,” and gave Moses to Miriam to give to that person. Then Mariam ran home and gave Moses to her mother.


Miriam’s mother praised God for finding a way for her to watch her son grow.

When Moses grew older, Miriam’s mother gave Moses back to the princess.

Under the princess’s care Moses watched the workers. Then one day when Moses was walking and watching the workers work, he saw a soldier beating a worker. Moses got so mad at the soldier that he killed him!


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God’s Protection

I bet you have heard of Egypt, but have you heard of the person who saved the Israelites that were in Egypt? His name was Moses.

Let me begin with the first part of the story and from there to one part of the story.

The Story of Moses

The Pharaoh of Egypt looked over his kingdom and wondered why all these Israelites were in his kingdom.

“Since they are not Egyptian, we will make the Israelites slaves.”

“Yes, Sire. What you say goes,” said a worker.

While the Israelites were slaves they grew and grew. The Pharaoh was afraid that the Israelites would take over his kingdom, so he said to his main worker to take away every baby boy that the Israelites had. One mother did not want her baby taken away (I’m not saying that the other mothers didn’t want their baby boys taken away either), so she put her baby boy in a wicker basket and let him float along the river with his sister watching him in the reeds.

A little later the basket landed right in front of the princess. The princess opened the basket and at once had the baby boy in her arms.

To Be Continued…


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There are so many things that God has done that I don’t know where to start. I know! I will start with the most important part of the Bible.

“For God so loved the world he gave his one and only son, so that everyone who believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” JOHN 3:16

You see, God gave his one and only son to die for us. Jesus was the son of God. Jesus died on the cross for everyone. But luckily he rose from the dead!

You should love everyone including you enemies, and also forgive them. I know it’s hard, but you can do it. I am starting with my family and friends. You might want to do that too.


But you probably want to buy a Bible first. Your Bible can be big or small. I have both.

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