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I have recently read a book called ‘Straw into Gold’. My mom has been nagging at me to write a review on it. I’ll do my best. Here you all go.

Straw Into Gold

Straw Into Gold is a continuation of the classic story ‘Rumpelstiltskin’. The book is written from the perspective of the main character, Tousle. Some people have rebelled and the king gives Tousle a chance to save them from being hung. He must solve the riddle ‘What fills a hand fuller than a skein of gold?’. But he has only seven days. He is given a companion, one of the rebels. His companion’s name is Innes. Innes was blinded by the King’s Grip.

And if one riddle to solve isn’t enough, when they go to find the queen, who is sure to have the  answer, they must also find the real reason the King’s Grip is following them. Then they are also given the question of where the queen’s missing son is, taken by a mysterious man who can spin straw into gold. And through all of this Tousle learns the gifts of his friends, but then wonders what his gift is. He starts to wonder who he is.

It isn’t very good, but the best I can muster right at this moment. If you think that anything needs to be corrected please leave a comment.

Straw Into Gold is a book I would suggest for you to put on your list of books to read. It was written by Gary D. Schmidt.


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