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The Story of Moses 3

Moses didn’t want to be killed for killing a guard so he ran away to Midian. When he got there he stopped by a well and then he saw some shepherds that were trying to make some girls get away from the well so they could have it all for themselves instead of the girl’s sheep. So Moses stood up and made the shepherds go away. Then he drew some water from the well and gave it to the girls.

The girls ran home and told their father what had happened. Then there father said, “Why didn’t you invite him to come. Go get him.”



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Soda Blast

The other day my family and I were unloading the car.

I was coming in with grocery bags when I heard a “Bing! Bong! Blast! Splash!” That was when I put down the bags and ran into the kitchen and “Splash” I jumped in the air trying to get over a puddle of soda to ask Jaden what had happened and I landed in a big puddle of soda. But luckily I only got on the edge of the puddle.

When my Mom and Dad saw the red soda on the sand colored carpet they ask what happened. Then Jaden said, “I was holding the soda on the end of the counter then I thought it was balanced then let go and it hit the ground and this happened.”

Then my Dad said, “Everyone start cleaning while I unload and then I’ll look for the bottle.”

We all started to clean. Later my Dad said “Oh, here it is. It shot across the kitchen and across the living room and landed here,” showing us where he had found it.

I had to use q-tips to get the soda out of the Christmas houses that we use for decorations.

Later that day we finished. And good thing too. I was tired.

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