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Christmas Program

My church had a Christmas Play. I had a part in it and did a solo in a song. My person’s name is Nan N. Baum. If you want to see the song click on the video and watch it.

I hope you liked my song, and those two other people aren’t my siblings. We got rid of a few characters and got rid of some lines.

I had a lot of fun!

I changed from myself into a person from the 1970’s.


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Plane Photo Gallery

Today I am going to tell you about my paper airplanes.


This is a mail jet and a spy jet. When it goes to the enemy’s forces to deliver something, it takes photos and videos.


This is also a mail jet, but it’s the regular kind, except for the half hole in the middle, which allows it to carry big bombs closer to itself.


This is a fighter plane. It goes really fast.


This is a passenger jet. It goes 1,000 miles an hour.


This is a fashion show stars private plane.

This is a racing jet.


This is a fighter jet. It can go over 1,000,000 miles per hour!

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The Team Up (Chapter 3)

After hard years of fighting his new enemies, Shark decided he had had enough, and so had Sting, so they teamed up.

After they teamed up and defeated the other team and had them in jail, they decided to stay a team.

They called themselves “The League of Super Sea Heroes”!

After many years of rescuing animals, Shark and Sting decided that they needed more animals, so they called all the animals that wanted to help. When the animals got there, they had to write their name on a piece of paper. When they were done with that, Sting would call them in one by one and see if they could join “The League of Super Sea Heroes”.

When that was over, they looked over the animals that joined “The League of Super Sea Heroes”. The animals that had joined were John the crock, Tom the sea turtle, and Jack the under water dog.


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Poor Grumpy

poor grumpy

My grandpa had open heart surgery the day before Thanksgiving. That is where I spent my Thanksgiving, at a hospital in Springfield, Missouri.

At least we were packed to go to my grandmother’s house when my grandpa called and said he was going to get five bypasses. So all we had to do was turn around and get our heavy jackets. Then we went the other direction and started the 8 1/2 hour drive.

Later it turned out that he got six bypasses! Poor Grumpy!

(I call my grandpa “Grumpy” because that is what my mom calls him for fun, but most of the time she just calls him”Dud”.)

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God’s Protection 2

The Story of Moses


The princess decided to keep the baby, but there was one problem: she didn’t know how to take care of one. All this time Miriam had been watching and then jumped out of the brush and said, “I know someone who can watch that baby for you.”

Then the princess said, “Okay,” and gave Moses to Miriam to give to that person. Then Mariam ran home and gave Moses to her mother.


Miriam’s mother praised God for finding a way for her to watch her son grow.

When Moses grew older, Miriam’s mother gave Moses back to the princess.

Under the princess’s care Moses watched the workers. Then one day when Moses was walking and watching the workers work, he saw a soldier beating a worker. Moses got so mad at the soldier that he killed him!


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