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God’s Protection

I bet you have heard of Egypt, but have you heard of the person who saved the Israelites that were in Egypt? His name was Moses.

Let me begin with the first part of the story and from there to one part of the story.

The Story of Moses

The Pharaoh of Egypt looked over his kingdom and wondered why all these Israelites were in his kingdom.

“Since they are not Egyptian, we will make the Israelites slaves.”

“Yes, Sire. What you say goes,” said a worker.

While the Israelites were slaves they grew and grew. The Pharaoh was afraid that the Israelites would take over his kingdom, so he said to his main worker to take away every baby boy that the Israelites had. One mother did not want her baby taken away (I’m not saying that the other mothers didn’t want their baby boys taken away either), so she put her baby boy in a wicker basket and let him float along the river with his sister watching him in the reeds.

A little later the basket landed right in front of the princess. The princess opened the basket and at once had the baby boy in her arms.

To Be Continued…



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There are so many things that God has done that I don’t know where to start. I know! I will start with the most important part of the Bible.

“For God so loved the world he gave his one and only son, so that everyone who believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” JOHN 3:16

You see, God gave his one and only son to die for us. Jesus was the son of God. Jesus died on the cross for everyone. But luckily he rose from the dead!

You should love everyone including you enemies, and also forgive them. I know it’s hard, but you can do it. I am starting with my family and friends. You might want to do that too.


But you probably want to buy a Bible first. Your Bible can be big or small. I have both.

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New enemies (Chapter 2)

“You slimy dog!” said Sting.

“I am not a slimy dog! In fact I hardly ever help dogs,” said Shark.

They fought and fought till night, then Shark won. Suddenly these creatures, four of them, appeared: a PM600,a Sambird999, a mother ship, and a crab catcher. These were Sharks new enemies.

At first Shark liked them, but then they attacked him! Shark got cut in the chest. Then PM600 attacked Shark and tore open part of his fins.

I can’t explain the rest because there aren’t many records of the battle. Some fish say Shark caught the Sambird999 in his fins and threw Sam (which is what Shark calls Sambird999 for short) at Shark’s enemies. Some say Shark burned them with his eyes, but I think he did the same thing with them that he had done to Sting in their battle.

Well, whatever Shark did made his new enemies flee.

The four creatures also hurt Sting. That made Sting hate all four of them because of what they did and his short temper.


Go to my brother’s blog to learn his perspective on Shark’s new enemies.

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This is a photo of my dad tearing down the sheet rock in our garage. We are going to make the garage into a room for my brother. To learn more about the converting, visit my brother’s blog. Right now the garage has insulation in the walls and sheet rock on the walls. We are almost done with the garage. I will have my own room when my brother gets his new room. My sis will get my brother’s old room, my brother will get the garage, which is now a room, and I will get the room I share with my sis. It is very interesting watching the men converting the garage.

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The Master of Squeezing

Jaden’s twist

Let me tell you why this is called “THE MASTER OF SQUEEZING”. The master is my brother. Here is a photo of my brother comfortably squeezing into a play oven and into the tiny cabinet! I can’t even fit in them even though I’m smaller.100_6738.jpg

I can fit in the oven, but barely. I am “THE MASTER OF BIG SPACES”. I may look like it, but in this photo I am not comfortable at all! When I got in the oven I felt like my neck was gonna brake, but I am very glad it didn’t!

My mom took the photos. To learn more about my mom visit my mom’s blog.

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