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Shark, a shark pup, is very tired from doing nothing but eating and sleeping. He wants to do something exciting like being a super hero.

“That’s it, I’ll be a super hero” he thinks.

So he decides to find animals in need and help them. He asks his friends to help him, but they think he’s crazy. But that doesn’t stop him; he goes on anyway.

Soon he finds his worst enemy, Sting! Shark finds Sting sleeping under some rocks, but it looks like he’s hurt. Shark pushes the rocks off Sting, and then discovers that Sting is a villain because he finds wires and many computers all over the underside of the rocks. The computers have maps that show where to attack! Shark suddenly flees. Sting swims with all his might chasing Shark, but Shark is so fast that Sting can’t catch up with him.

Later that year Shark, who has become known as “Ocean Hero”, comes upon Sting, who has become known as “Dragon Tail” because of his great use and power of his tail. And then Shark said, “After a long year of searching for you, I finally found you and have you in my fins!”

“Oh, do you? I’m scared! Oh, whatever, I ain’t scared!” said Sting rather mockingly in his country tone of voice that he had learned from his hostages. “Let us battle, you brother of a raccoon,” said Sting rather quickly.

“Let’s get on with it. And by the way, all animals are my brothers!” said Shark very angrily.


Super Shark




My brother made this sea monster and this sea hero, but I came up with the story. If you want, you can leave advice for my story.


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My Life

I love my life especially now that I’m homeschooled. I get to skip school “sometimes” and I get to see my friends more often. I get to take vacation more often, too, like when one of my kin come I sometimes get to skip school sometimes. This is a photo of me when my uncle was visiting.

Jerah G. E.

This is a photo of my uncle.


I know I’m getting off the subject, but anyway I want to tell you some of my favorite shows. SHOWS! SHOWS! Wonderful shows!

  1. Super Man
  2. Bat Man
  3. Tom and Jerry
  4. Smallville
  5. Heroes
  6. Ninja Turtles
  7. Arthur
  8. Cyberchase
  9. Fetch
  10. Animal Atlas

and many others.


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OWW! OWW! Last Wednesday my pinky on my left hand got pushed to the left, then the top of it got pushed upward, then it was pushed in a little. Ow! It hurt like a snake bite! It still hurts now, but not as badly. My sister hurt her head that same day. Go to the five j’s to find out more about my sister. I won’t be able to play piano for a while because my little pinky still hurts.

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Fun Fishing

This is a photo of some pond lilies at a pond I was fishing at with my aunt, mom, sister, brother, and grandpa in Missouri. The first thing we saw were these pond lilies in the water. My mom immediately took a picture of them.


I caught a few fish, then I started to catch tiny frogs. Here is a photo of a frog I caught. I had a nice time with the frogs. I acted as if they were my pets. My favorite frog was a little spotted frog. It liked me. I could tell because when it was time to go it wouldn’t get off me. So I brought it to my grandma’s house, which was where we were staying, and made a place for it to sleep outside and saw it every day till it was time to go home. I went to put the little frog in the place I made for it and left it there and went home.

tiny, cute, little frog

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“A Fair to Remember”

This is a photo of me by my display board at the history fair that we participated in last night. My history project was about Sequoyah, the inventor of the Cherokee syllabary. A syllabary is different from an alphabet because there is one symbol for each syllable; but in the alphabet, we use more than one symbol for each syllable. Sequoyah was born near Tuskegee, Tennessee and died near Tyler, Texas. Sequoyah’s real name was George A.Gist, but most people call him Sequoyah. I call this photo “A Night To Remember.”

“A night to remember”

This is a photo of my brother and me holding our certificates from the history fair.

“because of homescool”

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This is a photo of me climbing a tree at my grandmother’s house. I love going to my grandmother’s. It’s really fun.

Jerah G. E.


This is me at my grandmother’s house again. I’m standing by a plastic owl. I like pretending that the fake animals she has are real. I go outside and look for bugs and worms and then pretend I own a little zoo for other bugs to visit. Then I pretend that they are my pets.owl and me

This is a photo of my dog, Kaizer.

Kaizer (my dog)

Here are some reasons why I love my dog.


  1. I have someone to play with rather than my young sister or my brother who doesn’t like to do what I like to do.
  2. I always wanted a dog.
  3. I love animals and having adventures with them.



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Animal Fun

I adore animals so much that I wish I had every kind in the world. Even if they all bit and scratched me, I would still like them.

This photo is my brother holding a toad that lives in our front yard. I love animals.


This is a photo of me touching a rattlesnake, and it still had venom in it! Excuse me, I would like to have a rattlesnake if it was milked.

I think animals are cool. Here are some animal jokes. The answers are at the bottom of this post.

  1. How do you make a rattlesnake cry?
  2. What is kangaroo’s favorite game?
  3. What kind of brush does a rabbit use?

Leave a comment and write a joke, and I will add your joke to my future list of jokes.

Thank you for visiting my blog!

Joke answers:

  1. Take away its rattle
  2. Hopscotch
  3. A “hare” brush


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