I have recently read a book called ‘Straw into Gold’. My mom has been nagging at me to write a review on it. I’ll do my best. Here you all go.

Straw Into Gold

Straw Into Gold is a continuation of the classic story ‘Rumpelstiltskin’. The book is written from the perspective of the main character, Tousle. Some people have rebelled and the king gives Tousle a chance to save them from being hung. He must solve the riddle ‘What fills a hand fuller than a skein of gold?’. But he has only seven days. He is given a companion, one of the rebels. His companion’s name is Innes. Innes was blinded by the King’s Grip.

And if one riddle to solve isn’t enough, when they go to find the queen, who is sure to have the  answer, they must also find the real reason the King’s Grip is following them. Then they are also given the question of where the queen’s missing son is, taken by a mysterious man who can spin straw into gold. And through all of this Tousle learns the gifts of his friends, but then wonders what his gift is. He starts to wonder who he is.

It isn’t very good, but the best I can muster right at this moment. If you think that anything needs to be corrected please leave a comment.

Straw Into Gold is a book I would suggest for you to put on your list of books to read. It was written by Gary D. Schmidt.


Hello Again

     Hello. I am sorry that I haven’t written for, well, a long time. Not much has happened since the last time that I wrote. But I think that I will list it in the order of when it happened.

     August: In August three big things happened . We went to Galveston TX for vacation (my first time at the sea) (see Galveston). Then my brother and my sister had their birthdays

     I don’t know when: I don’t know exactly what month that this happened in but we got more fish and I started writing class (I think that I started writing class before August) (see Writing Class)

    November: NaNoWriMo. National Novel Writing Month. (see the post NaNoWriMo)

    When I started this post: When I started this post I named it Hello Again right off of the top of my head but then I noticed that I had decided to name it that in May.

     Right Now: Finishing Post.

My Camera

 I got my camera a long time ago but I still love it. Somehow  I will find out how to show you it.

That is totally write I am back to right. Ooops, switch that. That is totally right I am back to write. I’m ten now. I’ll tell you more on Hello Again.

Now down to business. A Drawing a Day is well a drawing a day.

Here is today’s drawing. (It’s cartoon)

This is the house of Jane, an imaginary character inside my head

This is the house of Jane, an imaginary character inside my head


Hi. Sorry that I haven’t been writing, I’ve been on break since thanksgiving, because my mom didn’t want to start school again and then stop it a week or two later.

During Christmas alot of my famliy came down. There was my Grandma and Grandpa,  Aunt Nancy, Uncle Winston, Great Aunt Pam, Great Uncle Walt, my Cousin David his wife and two kids, and that  was just on my mom’s side of the family. On my dad’s side there was my Grandmother, Aunt Dana, and my Uncle Cliff.

I got lots of stuff for Christmas, but I was happier about being able to see my family and play games with them. It’s what I call The Best Christmas Ever!!!!

Today is our first day back in school and I’m so excited. I love school.

My favorite authors is a series. Each chapter talks about one author. One section of a chapter is in each post.

Chapter One Section One

Marguerite Henry

The books that have a U by them I have not read. Books that a R by them I have read. Books that have a Ring by them I am reading.

Here are her horse books:

  1. Black Gold U
  2. Born To Trot U
  3. Brighty of the Grand Canyon R
  4. Cinnabar, the One o’Clock Fox U
  5. Dear Marguerite Henry U
  6. Justin Morgan Had a Horse U
  7. King of the Wind R
  8. Misty of Chincoteague R
  9. Mustang, Wild Spirit of the West Ring
  10. Peter Lundy and the Medicine Hat Stallion U
  11. Sea Star, Orphan of Chincoteague R
  12. Stormy, Misty’s Foal R
  13. Misty’s Twilight R
  14. White Stallion  of Lipizza U
  15. Album of Horses U

I love her books. I read Sea Star and Misty of Chincoteague in two days.
Lets face it Marguerite Henry rocks!

Welcome to The Facts I Know About Animals. Hi. My name is John James Audubon (just kidding).

First off we will go to the Did You Know corner:

  1. Did you know when you see some vultures going in circles it is riding a heat wave, called thermals looking for food?
  2. Did you know that blue jays are not really blue it’s the sun reflecting of their feathers?
  3. Did you know I think Marguerite Henry rocks?

O.K., I know I’m getting off of  the subject.

That is all in the Did You Know corner. Know off to the Here’s The Facts corner.

  1. The Arctic Tern it  is the bird that sees more sun than any other bird. It flies from the north pole to the south pole when it is summer in the south pole. When it is summer in the north pole it flies there.
  2. Some birds migrate a thousand of miles or more.

Well that’s all for today folks. Bye Bye. See you next time.